WE BELIEVE in doing our job in the most professional manner we can possibly do it in.

WE BELIEVE in responding to customer and factory needs in the most expeditious manner.

WE BELIEVE in complete and thorough follow through.

WE BELIEVE that different lines sometimes need to be marketed in different ways.

WE BELIEVE dealer training and sales promotions are a big key to increasing sales.

WE BELIEVE in giving the same loyal service we expect in return.

WE BELIEVEin giving support back to our industry.

WE BELIEVE in restricting our number of lines to just that number which can be handled well and efficiently.

WE BELIEVE in complying with the established policies of our manufacturers.

WE BELIEVE this is a people business, and we enjoy the people we do business with.

WE BELIEVE we can increase sales for any factory.





We are a Manufacturer's Representative group covering Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada. 
We concentrate on the law enforcement market servicing a wide variety of accounts. We have been in business for 32 years and are based in Murrieta, CA with additional offices in Orange County, Northern California and Arizona, which are all centrally located to our key accounts.